Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mostly harmless!

hmmm so sem has started and hence the classes, but not much work to do and hence the blog. After attending few of the lectures on a *hot* topic (class full of students with no place left to get seated, implied!), I've made few observations. Basically, the course is on Data mining and we are thaught to classify the data, typically that means catagorize the data, run some programs and build some useful reports in the end. So, here is the outcome of my first *academic* report, classifying the students in a typical class:

1) Gimme more: These are students who want to learn. They don't care about anything else in the world all they want is to learn ann learn. They have an unmatch ability to ask doubts at any point in time, most of which being around the end of lecture, extending an hour lecture to overflow by 10-15 mins. I've never seen them getting good grades, but yes they certainly can talk about anything under the roof.

2) Is it under exam syallabus: All they want is good grades. Watever be the course, whosoever be the prof. , all they want is 10/10. I don't know why such people exsist but yah they are surely a way for others to pass to course, as most of ppl under this section make good notes.

3) Proxy Guys: U won't see them much as they have a nice friend who will sign on attendence sheet for them. Good!! at least they are not troubling others. Have fun.

4) ... and then I see a totally different class of people (sadly very few ppl fall under this category). These ppl are the last to-be-harmful guys. They might attend classes but surely won't ask doubts. They might do some work, but most definetly they will do just the minimal to pass the course.


[Title credits: Gera]