Tuesday, April 04, 2006


When Dravid is on the pitch its more pleasure watching the commercials than him lifting the bat every time ball goes little outside off-stump. So here is what I feel about the most pleasure moments I had watching Ind-End matches.

Voltas. India ka AC. A TATA product.

This ad seems to be more informative and like all they want to convey is Voltas is a TATA company, whether you buy air conditioner or not we don't care. A 6-7 year old girl with a typical middle class family look carrying a glass jar in hand in a air-conditioner ad. How does it convince me to go and buy the air conditioner? Point is looking at the ad, it does make me even think once about the AC. Completely directionless. While I was thinking all these there comes another add from Voltas.

Voltas. India ka AC. Korea ka nahin ....hahahahahaha

Dude, if I'm a customer who can afford an AC then probably I won't care if its India ka AC or Pakistan ka. All I care is I should feel comfortable even in 48*C.

Reliance India Mobile
Black & White handset Vs Coloured Handset
The guy running away from his girlfriend just because he has a b&w handset is completely stupid. (at least when they are sitting lonely in a car on a beach, honestly speaking I'd have thrown away my cell instead of running away with it). Absolutely non-sense.

This one is good. The actors picked-up are very good and Dubey-ji simply rocks.

Reliance Hello
Finally, Reliance get it right. The potential customer asking "Kyon le" and then explaining reasons to him why he should buy the product is a good idea. However they have 3 different ads for the campaign out of which only one conveys "no monthly rental" which for someone like me is a more than enough to think about it. I don't care about instant activation or if I can SMS through it but I'm gonna definitely inquire about these no monthly rental thing and find out if there are no hidden costs .

Surely captures attention. They have been doing this for long and now I think they have expertise in doing this. I have been liking Spirit ads from day 1 except the Sania Mirza one.

Aish and her waist aahhhhhh. I bet that turn was at least 1289 times more than the turn Anil Kumble gets on Indian wickets. If observed from a distance she can actually look like a coke bottle :).
OK coming back to the ad. I know people who have whistled to girls on streets but none of them ever turned back and gave fundeas about how to whistle on the streets (though they have turned for different reasons :P). I'd have really appreciated the ad if Ash could have picked a filled coke bottle from the "Dude" and sup it completely and then tell him how to whistle using a empty coke bottle.

Saying all this I don't want to be a Robin Singh who never played a long innings himself but is giving fundeas to Under-19 Indian team. These are just (re)views from a normal (re)viewer.

BTW, for those who haven't noticed yet, my posts are categorized now. Thanks to Amitu. Drop a comment to me or him if you want to categorize your blog.


  1. Dude u linked Amitu back to street-smart.
    Now abt ur post nice observations but tht Onida's taklu( Satan) himselfis one of the most successful campaign in India with that "owner's pride and neighbour's eny" they stopped using it in between but it came back again with the KY series.

    I m glad to know tht u whistled at girls passinf by coz this is smthing i was never able to do, i guess i just lack the courage :d or the boldness. Aise coke's last campaign " pio sir utha ke" was mind blowing and this one is also okaish. So u can give it to them

    B&W handset is surely crap if u are gettin cozy with a girl who cares even if god himself give u a call.

    Baaki keep blogging

  2. Spirit?????? wat do u mea dost? ye kaunsa brand hai? r u talking abt espirit watches or u actually meant the 'sprite' ad by sania mirza :p ...
    vaise the voltas ad is highly emotional and appeals to the indian buyer ( indian & TATA) who would definitely buy the indian product if he has 2 or more options for almost the same price

  3. @ankit Ohh sorry that i forgot tat "sir utha ke piyo" wala campaign ...tat was a totaal crap

    @anon as i mentioned in my post i don't think some1 who can afford an AC wud care if its indian or korean. When I'm paying the money What I want is comfort who cares ...its entirely my view and may be its not correct but this is how I feel. That ad is completly directionless.

  4. nice observation..n haan woh coke waali fart acchi hai ...but u always compare things with indian cricket player....please agli baar kisi aur se compare kerna.

    SPIRIT..was that a typo ??

  5. long time no post.........

  6. hey nice post...btw another ash's add (of some soap i guess) is more better. how bout the AIRTEL ad in which they show many famous ppl. Express..

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