Friday, August 31, 2007

I'm losing faith in the system.. whatever small I had...

We run court cases for 14 years, convict the criminals and then set them free in few days. Yes, I know the media will have once again have an happening day when Dutt Sahab once again goes back to jail but the reason for which he is out is simply ridiculous.

Today another celeb got bail. I don't know if they committed the crime or not. But if they were in there that means there was something they did wrong. Why does declaring someone guilty takes years and getting a bail takes just a few days? I'm not advocating to forcefully make getting bail a longer term but can't be make some effort to shorter the time it takes to solve a case.

With Sibhu Soren acquitted just because “the prosecution has miserably failed in bringing home the charges against the accused persons.” I feel sad. Still media would put their effort in finding out whether Sanju Babu has visited toilet since morning or not than to cover Hyderabad blasts.

I feel so insecure.


  1. good that u r back on this track...keep writing atleast one in 100 would definitely read it !

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