Friday, January 15, 2010

Tale of Two Brothers

An excellent piece my brother wrote a few days ago about his favorite monsoon story.

My story is a bit different from the usual romantic ones. I remember being in the second standard when it rained heavily in my hometown, Anjad, a small village in MP near Indore. My mother was pregnant and we came to know that she had given birth to a son. I was the second kid in the combined family of three brothers and my happiness knew no bounds. I sat behind my grandpa's Rajdoot and went with him to the
hospital in the torrential downpour. When I reached the hospital room, I was first dried with huge towels by two nurses. Finally I was allowed to hold the baby in my arms.

I can still hear the rain falling in the background and me holding my brother and looking at his tiny face. I absolutely doted on him and pampered him to a great extent. Years later, my brother shifted from a small village’s Hindi medium school to a reputed English medium school. He was facing difficulties in studies and tried to run away from it. I was away from home for my higher education and subsequently
work. I came down from Indore, discussed with parents and brother, tried convincing him and finally took him with me and put him in a good school cum IIT preparation institute in Kota.

After I had him settled in the hostel, I left. I could clearly see the pain and repentance in his face, but held myself strong for the sake of his career. While he looked out from the first floor hostel window, I kept looking at him and leaving while waving to him. Then it rained! I saw the same woebegone, ready to break into tears but conscious of being a guy expression on his face. My tears dissolved in the rains...

I am very pleased to share with you that, today after completing his B. Tech and M. Tech from IIT Mumbai; he has started his career with SAP Labs in Paris (France).

Miss you Bhai.


  1. very cute and heart-warming story :-)

  2. Nice Nice !!! ek dum filmi style main barish ka scene ban sakta hain.... Vaise english ki bajah hindi medium main daala hota to yeah problem hi nahi ati :P ...

  3. bhaiyaaa..... bery bery senti, I m reminded of my bhaiya!

  4. hmm senti to hai thoda.. :)

    I think apart from Mohit.. all of us here are blessed with a big bro..

    well Mohit has me :D

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