Tuesday, September 04, 2007

See You Soon, may be.

Not long ago, during the college placements, while interviewing for a company one of my friends cleared all the tough initial rounds and was just left with a HR interview.

When we came out after the HR interview, he couldn't believe he didn't get the job. On asking, he explained to us what happened. (He actually didn't know why he didn't get the job). The "relevant" part of the interview:

HR: Why do you want to work for Sybase and not Googles/Yahoos/Microsofts?
Friend (Being completely honest): Actually sir I tried, but couldn't clear their interviews.
HR: OK, fair enough. But why not Oracle?
Friend: Actually sir, I don't want to work for a database company.

HR started laughing and I suspect he must have told him: See you soon, may be.

Those of you, who still don't know why he didn't get a job: Sybase is "actually" a Database company.

Best Wishes :)


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